Sheila Mwanyigha's New Naked Vaseline Campaign Encourages Skin Bleaching

Tuesday, 08 October 2013 17:52 , Written by 

When news about Sheila Mwanyigha appearing naked on a couple of billboards came out, everyone went bananas. The morals police swung into action and shot her deader than dead with their mouth pistols and you can be sure their rebuke bullets hit their ,ark as fast as their grabby little hands could tweet. Bleurgh! I was disgusted by the ferocity of the tweets when the had clearly missed the mark.
so what if Sheila Mwanyigha had decided to pose in a photo that made her seem naked? She was covering up the parts we wanted to see anyway so why the humdrum? Sharap you moralist police you and let me open your eyes to the real problem.

Sheila Mwanyigha's picture isn't bad because she seems naked, it is bad because of what the ad depicts. And it depicts beauty as being more light skinned or as my more militant cousins would say, more "white". And before we go any further, allow me to say that there is nothing wrong with being light skinned or white even. If that is how God made you, then strut your stuff.

But I have an enormous problem with people preaching the "lighter is better" gospel according to St. Stupid. What about all the dark skinned girls who are really beautiful? Why would you Sheila Mwanyigha, a lass who attempts to portray herself as a conscientious lady agree to be part of such a self loathing campaign? I came across her ad in this month's edition of True Love magazine and I was saddened to see that Vaseline's strategy for selling more units is to poison gullible people and malleable young minds.

Africa is a continent filled with beautiful dark skinned individuals and for anyone to attempt to tell dark skinned girls that in order for them to be beautiful they have to lighten their complexion is irresponsible.
or maybe it's the way I was brought up or maybe it's the fact that I am violently Afrocentric. I admire everything African from our broad noses (although some say mine is sharp), to our kinky hair to our dark melanin rich complexion.
I love me a natural or ethynic girl. You will never find me dating a primadonna who thinks aping Western standards of beauty is chic. Would I sleep with them? Sure but I would not be caught dead treating one to dinner or breakfast. But my preference is beside the point.

And if you do not agree with me, that is fine seeing as everyone has a right to an opinion: MINE!


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