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Remember Sean Cardovillis? He just ditched Paradise FM and is coming back home

Friday, 04 May 2012 16:56 , Written by 
Sean Cardovillis Sean Cardovillis

He was one of the first really interesting radio presenters to work for Capital FM way back. Sean was hosting the sports and music show in the morning and everybody tuned in to Capital FM to hear what he had for us every morning.

That was five years ago, before he packed up and moved to Seychelles to do a Drive show for Paradise FM where he immediately became a huge name on the Island.

It seems as though Sean Cardovollis have finally given in to the home-sick feeling that he has been experiencing for years. Even when everything has been working well for him in Seychelles, he has decided to drop Paradise FM and head back home. Earlier today he tweeted, "today I have officially chosen to not renew my contract with Paradise FM, Seychelles. Destination 'Return to Kenya'... details soon".

Fans were all over the tweet expressing their joy for the return of the presenter hoping that he may resume his position at the Saturday sports and music on Capital FM. So do we.

More details will be revealed shortly.


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