Why is everyone hating on Prezzo?

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 12:31 , Written by 

Prezzo's in the BBA house and you're not and that gives you yet another reason to hate aye?!

Why is everyone airing unsavoury remarks about the undisputed King of Bling being selected to represent the +254 down South in the Celebville house?

Jaguar recently came out guns blazing saying that he knows Prezzo needs the money so he (the latter) can count on his support as Jaguar only wants to see him make money. When i read this statement in the Monday Blues segment in the Monday paper of a local daily, Akon started singing in my mind "So why you wanna count my money?". Let Prezzo do him brah, come-on, play this scenario out like it's chess. If Prezzo doesn't get far, you'll be vindicated. If he does it wouldn't have affected you: but now it will. Badly!

And to all the twitter gangsters out there, come-on, give Prezzo a chance. Afterall, he's Kenyan and on the international scene, irrespective of whether you like him as a person or not, you have to support him cos you are a patriot. Support Kenya over anything or anyone. Don't expect the Nigerians to show you any love whatsoever when they have one of their own in contention for the top prize. Trust me on that!

That's just my humble opinion.



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