Pinky Ghelani's ordeal before giving birth to her precious daughter

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Pinky with her daugher Pinky with her daugher

When sensational diva Wahu sang ‘my sweet love’, no one could understand that motherly feeling apart from real mothers. 13th May was mothers’ day, and here at Ghafla we celebrate former Capital FM presenter Pinky

Ghelani for sharing her pain with other women after several miscarriages.

Pinky talked to True Love magazine of what she went through before giving birth to her 2 year old daughter.

The former Capital FM presenter couldn’t imagine when the doctor told her that she had lost her first pregnancy when she had gone for her eight week pregnancy scan. Pinky had to here from other Doctors for her to believe that she had lost the pregnancy.

Pinky agrees that it’s very painful to a mother when she loses a child regardless the stage in their life (unborn, infant, one year etc). This experience always makes a mother blame her self first, and then questions God for what has happened.

The reason that we should celebrate Pinky Ghelani is because she hard to endure this horrible ordeal thrice before she could give birth to her daughter. Ask any woman who has been through this, and she will be able to explain that horrible feeling.

Pinky’s advice to mothers who have miscarried is to mourn because it’s very important.  They should accept in order for them to move on.

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