Angie Of Mother-In-Law Shows Her Dark Side (Photo)

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If you are an ardent fan of Citizen TV you have tuned in to a family favorite, Mother-In-Law.

Mother-In-Law follows the story of the Mwambas and sometimes the Mitegos. The show has built stars such as Catherine Kamau who plays Celina Mitego and Ida Wanyoike who plays Olive, the step daughter and pain in Celina’s ass.

Celina and Olive

Since Olive came into the Mwamba’s house it has been hell for her cousin wide-eyed Angie. Angie is the typical good girl; she is lovable and easy to walk over. Thanks to Olive Angie has often ran to her aunties Lisa and Celina to cry her heart out after a good taunting about her parents who have taken a hiatus from their home, leaving them under the care of the relatives.

Well it seems Angie who is played by Fridah Muhindi could be embracing her dark side. She rocks the harsh Gothic makeup. Clothes and accessories

Even Olive looks terrified


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