Kenya's First NFL Superstar Daniel Adongo To Appear On Citizen TV Tonight

Friday, 07 February 2014 16:47 , Written by 

Daniel Adongo is a trailblazing young Kenyan who has made history as one of the first, if not the first, rugby players to make the switch to American football.

He used to play rugby in Kenya, before jetting off to South Africa and then New Zealand for bigger opportunities. When in New Zealand, he was spotted by scouts from the Indianapolis Colts, and they decided to take a gamble on him late last year as one of their linebackers.

The Colts promoted Adongo from their practice squad to the 53-man active roster because of his rapid development, willingness to do everything asked and his undeniable, extraordinary athletic ability.


Here's what his coach had to say about him:

Head coach Chuck Pagano:

"I think back to his very first workout when we first brought him in after a 17-hour flight to Atlanta and then catch a connector up here and come right in. Go to the indoor facility. As we bring in guys every week to try out, street guys and things like that, from what we saw to right now, it's night and day. The guy is a smart guy. We know from a physical standpoint he's very, very athletic. He can run. He's big. He's strong. He's a tireless worker. He's been a great pro. Even though he hasn't played, he's picked up a ton. Our veteran guys, guys like Robert (Mathis) and the rest of the guys in the defensive room, have been tremendous working with him and mentoring him and bringing him along and helping his development to this point. So, other than actual real game under the lights stuff, he's been outstanding. If he gets an opportunity, I'm sure everybody is going to be real eager to see what he does...

"Just watching him on the card D and representing and lining up as our opponent's defense week in and week out for the last 13 weeks, you've seen him every single day and every single week get better and better. (He's) starting to understand the nuances of the game, both in the run game, the pass game, setting the edge, dropping into coverage, rushing the passer. He's done a great job. Again, he hasn't been on the field under the lights when it counts, but he's played on a big field before. He's ran around and tackled people before with no pads, so, I suspect instinctively, he'll know how to do that. It might be even more physical and violent because he does have pads. Don't be shocked to see him knock some people around if he gets an opportunity."

Catch the man/beast on Citizen TV news tonight as he gives us an in-depth look into the unique path he has chosen

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