PesaPoint Clears the Air on Cynthia Nyamai's Issue

Thursday, 17 May 2012 11:07 , Written by 
KTN's Cynthia Nyamai KTN's Cynthia Nyamai

Following news that Ghafla! reported to you last week about the influence of Twitter and how one media personality and journalist Cynthia Nyamai used it to her delightful benefit, the company involved in the spat have come out to clarify what seems to be a misconception.

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The television business news anchor had lost some money through a PesaPoint ATM and did not get what she termed as an adequate response or a refund for over a week which led her to tweet to her followers about avoiding use of their ATMS.

Shortly thereafter, the money Cynthia lost was refunded, but in a press release to the media, PesaPoint's MD Richard Coate stated:

'When a transaction fails on any ATM, there follows a process of verifying if indeed cash was dispensed. This process does not always wait for the user to lodge a complaint. It is automatic on our system.

There are however special cases or claims, where verification may take the form of physical counting of cash at the particular ATM, to ascertain if indeed cash was dispensed. This is what usually lead to delays.'

He saught to reassure ATM users that PesaPoint continues to offer a convenient card-less withdrawal service  for Safaricom's MPESA and Bharti's Airtel Money.  


'When a transaction error happens during such a Card-less transaction, a refund including the transaction fees is made automatically through the mobile money provider. Sometimes, but on very rare occasions the automatic reversal process does fail, and a manual reversal needs to be actioned.

On the specific issue for Ms Cynthia Nyamai the automatic reversal failed when she did not receive her money from the ATM that was occasioned by the operator’s system timeout. The manual reversal process was initiated but this took longer than normal to resolve which we apologize for.' Mr. Coate concluded.

If you have any issues in future with PesaPoint services you can call their customer care offices on:



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