Luck and Popularity Not On Mer's Side as She and Imani Bid Farewell to Tusker Project Fame 5

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Doreen at the 'Meet and Greet' on 13th June 2012 (PHOTO: Tusker Fashionista) Doreen at the 'Meet and Greet' on 13th June 2012 (PHOTO: Tusker Fashionista)

Last week one could have sworn that Kenya's Doreen was just bidding her time on stage at Tusker Project Fame Season 5, what with her wanting performance that had the judges a breathe short of chasing her out of the academy, to her 'slightly' less than extraordinary performance on the Eviction night of 16th June 2012.

A remarkable change of fortune and what appeared to be a stern vote of confidence from the public altered the course of that definitive conclusion... but wait just a minute.

All the 5 TPF5 contestants on probation; Sharon Nahkioga, Imani Lissu, Mer Ayang', Allan Sekiranda and Doreen Nyawira, had a tough task to prove to the teaching staff and more importantly to the judges and the public, that they rightfully deserved a lifeline to stay in contention for the Kshs. 5 million jackpot. 

The Saturday night TPF show is traditionally a sordid affair for contestants who have been nominated and face the unwelcome possibility of leaving the Academy and the Competition. This usually calls for each of them to bring their best to the table as only the fittest survive to see another week.

Allan confidently promised TPF fans his best performance yet and true to his word, he gave a MUCH better showing than the previous week, which had brought him this consequence and a deserved jolt. Doreen was shaky in her delivery though: it seemed that all the pressure mounted on her by Judges Hermes, Juliana and Ian coupled with the demanding week the contestants had in the Academy had taken its toll.

Sticking to the theme that was 'Trends' was the simplest task, the harder one being staying in tune and matching that basic with a spectacular performance. The judges remained unconvinced however as Doreen wrapped up her song. It was a matter of time.

South Sudan's Mer looked absolutely regal in her attire as she stepped onto the stage, feeling even more elated by the fact that her sister Paleki, a contestant from the previous Tusker Project Fame season, was in attendance to show her support.

The delicate balance of fate and luck were however not on her side because when it came down to the wire, the contestants voted to keep Allan in the house as Doreen won the public vote to keep her in contention. The surprise in her face was palpable as she took her place back at the contestant terraces.

That left Imani, Mer and Sharon in an awkward position as only one of them would be saved by the faculty of the Academy. This ended up being Sharon, who Principal Hellen said 'showed the greatest growth and most promise.'

Thus the curtain fell on the hopes of 30 year old Tanzanian Imani and South Sudanese Mer taking the TPF5 crown, as hosts Dr. Mitch and Sheila waved goodbye to the audience until the Sunday show. 

Tusker Project Fame is a reality Music television show in which 15 selected contestants compete by performing on stage to live audiences through an 8 week period.

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