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After alot of hullabaloo and debate, i figure it's time i weigh in on the hottest female celebrities.

If she nma, then by all means i have her on my omaricha list! This list is one that celebrates beauty and the female form and is a dedication to the celebrities kissed by Aphrodite.
You know i had to throw in a little poetry into this one but without further ado, i present to you:


Lupita Nyong'o get's favourable mention. She is a dark-skinned lass who for me epitomizes beauty but my colleagues felt that would make this list a list only for me. so for once i caved in to pressure.


#10 Janet Mbugua
for a while she was at the top of any list of beauties but that seems to have changed this time round. The media personality is making her way off the list sadly but that's life i guess.


#9 Size 8
This lass is a survivor! That is the one adjective that aptly captures her essence. And after a hardknock life, she emerged just as the butterfly did from it's cocoon.



#8 Kambua
What can we say about this gospel nightingale? Oh yeah, she's married. but there's no harm in looking and appreciating what the good Lord wrought.



#7 Miss Karun
This lass is finally legal meaning that she can begin making appearances on the hottest lists and i shan't waste anytime in as far as pincluding her in mine is concerned. And she debuts at number 7 having beaten off stiff competition. Not bad for a debut.



#6 Avril
This lass has that girl next door with a naughty sparkle in her eye and that little subtle detail adds on immensley to her aesthetic appeal. It's her X-factor!



#5 Edith Kimani
Once upon a reality show, a yopung lass was unvieled in the land of tinsel town and ithe nation fell in-love with her. And what is not to like? This lass has it all when aesthetic appeal is taken into account.



#4 Marya
To be frank, this is my colleagues choice rather than my own. They felt that this list would be a rumour if she didn't get close to the coveted number one slot. This songstress, is not just attractive but she has a voluptuous body that makes her an easy sell. I was convinced once i had seen some of her professionally done photos.



#3 Sarah Hassan
When i think of this lass, the words ooh-lala! come to mind! Ok well, it's more of an expression than words but... And moving on swiftly, this lass was the reason alot of lads would tune into Citizen to watch Tahidi High and i for one love "Mashariki Mix" because i get to ogle all i can *evil grin*

#2 Brenda Wairimu
Ofcourse this tantalizing light skin beauty would be on the list! I have a preference for darker skinned lasses but she is a "red-boned" lass iu have no qualms about including in the list. And if you don't find this lass attractive then you need to either have your eyes checked, your lenses adjusted or your head checked!



#1 Anita Nderu aka Lil Oreo
The only thing about this particular lass that is unattractive is her nickname. Growing up, that name meant something um.... how do i hang an air freshener on this one... it meant a coconut. But in the looks department, this lass has it all. And to top this off, she has a sophisticated air about her. What's not to like?


NB: All these photos have been sourced from a myriad of places chief of which is the celebrities facebook photos.


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