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Twitter bigwig, Masaku, explains why he tweets stupid

Friday, 14 September 2012 16:27 , Written by 
Masaku's avi Masaku's avi

Twitter has their own big fish. You can't just step in and try to run the KOT like you got what it takes. It takes courage. It takes balls. And at times, it just takes a little bit of stupidity (in the tweets) as Masaku has made clear.

Masaku's twitter profile reads, "Retired Gynaecologist. I don't tweet jokes, I tweet Stupid. That didn't come from me. Straight from the horse's mouth. Even he knows that he specializes in tweeting rediculous stuff and that has earned him close to 5, 000 followers.

We managed to get him into the Ghafla! offices for a short interview and got to know why he tweets so much stupid and ridiculous stuff. Turns out that he does it because it is simply funny and that people love those kind of tweets. He has no apology whatsoever for those that think his tweets are offensive. "Get off me," he says.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think about it.



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