Kenyan International TV Icon Called Testicles?

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So apparently, Rachel Marete's name in some Southern African dialects translates to a section of male genitalia...

And i'm trying not to laugh as i write this up. This article was inspired by a piece i read done by my close personal friend Kevin Oyugi whose piece alerted me to a status update she posted on her facebook fan page.

And according to the lass, she has been recieving alot of correspondence from her South African fans alerting her to the fact and just as any graceful Kenyan lady would, she took it gracefully, laughed it off and moved on. Here's how she handled the whole affair:


"Dear, Southern Africans. Thank you to all those of you who've pointed out to me that my surname means "testicles" in your language. (Hahaha!) I want you to know that I appreciate the info and that it actually makes me love my name so much more! I mean, how rad is that? Gotta love languages of the world. It also makes me happier to know that I made someone smile for the mere fact that I wear that name with pride and honor. However, I'm kinda tired of weekly messages about it so here's to hoping that this status settles that. Cheers! XOXO PS: To my extended family... Well, now you know! Hahaha! Have a great day/ night wherever you may be everyone! Remember to smile and find humor as much as possible."


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, signing off, it's Transit TV's Rachel Testicles, i mean Rachel Marete signing off. Peace and love!

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