This is Why Caroline Mutoko is Being Insulted and Even “Killed”

Monday, 10 December 2012 15:09 , Written by 

By now you must be aware of the invectives that are being leveled against Kiss 100’s radio queen, Caroline Mutoko. For some reason if you haven’t, let me bring you up to speed with what’s going on. So, over the weekend Caroline gave a piece of her mind to those people who use her Facebook page to vent their anger on CEOs of certain organization (in this case, Safaricom) for what they deem as sub-standard services. Caroline, typical of her, did not mince her words, so she posted this on her Facebook Timeline;

Okey - I let the average idle person vent as much as they need to on social media, I'm alright with the fact that you probably have nothing else of value to do with your time. However, here's where I draw the line:

1. You will not use my wall to be mediocre & hide behind your bogus pseudonym to insult the CEO of any organisation, or anyone else for that matter. I don't care what your beef is. You
don't get to do that here.

2. Safaricom has a FB page. Use it.

3. Bob Collymore - Mr. Collymore has a twitter handle - use it.

4. It's a freaking free country, you don't like s'thing move on. Don't waste my time & yours posting filth on my wall.

5. Have the basic skill to refer to me by my name. It's at the top of the page for easy reference. I don't know who caro is.

6. By all means raise issues about our clients/advertisers, what you will not do is apply the same bottom feeder behavior you reserve for bigotry & politics to slander business entities. Not here.

And yes, our advertisers ALL bar none, contribute to our bottomline, therefore I make no apologies for being in their corner. Incidentally, I did ask Safaricom if I should take this nonsense down & they said no.

But this is MY page.

You want to be rude, abusive & base, go elsewhere. 
I don't need you, not now, not ever.

Thank you


Apparently, this did not go down well with a section of people who call themselves Idlers Camp and they demanded for an apology but Caroline stood her ground. At this point, these guys resorted to name-calling and verbal abuse. It did not end there as they even created not one, not two but three Facebook pages (R.I.P Caroline Mutoko, Kenyans against Caroline Mutoko's nonsense and teenage like attitude and Kenyans agnst Caroline Mutoko's nonsense & teenage like attitude.) all dedicated to dragging Caroline through the mud. So popular are the pages that the likes have grown rapidly. For instance, "Kenyans against Caroline Mutoko's nonsense and teenage like attitude" has amassed over 12000 likes (by the time this article went up) in just below 24 hours!

Caroline has not responded to Idlers Camp (and I doubt if she will) a Facebook page named Kalekye Mumo, asked “haters to give them a break” on her Facebook page and that’s when the insults started pouring in; over 600 comments (most of them abusive) in just under one hour. Idlers Camp hold that they are not relenting in their quest and infact want to show Caroline "how idle they can be".

Now, you be the judge.

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