Check out XYZ’s Kele Kele Love Remix (video)

Friday, 14 December 2012 15:30 , Written by 

As the election nears politicians are re-aligning themselves in their respective alliances to emerge winners come March next year. In view of the same, your favourite political satire show, XYZ, came up with an episode draw attention to that.

In this totally hilarious episode, NARC Kenya’s presidential hopeful, Martha Karua, is being wooed by various presidential candidates to join them. However, the “Iron Lady” proves a hard-nut to crack and stands her ground about joining anyone.

Remixing Tiwa Savages’ “Kele Kele Love”, XYZ have christened this episode “Kimbele Mbele remix”. It starts with Kalonzo, Ruto and Uhuru all coming to try to court her but she declines flatly. Click HERE to watch this hysterical clip.

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