Maina Kageni is Leaving Classic 105

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 09:00 , Written by 

This morning, Maina Kageni revealed on air that he will be leaving Classic 105 in June next year for retirement. Whether it’s true or in jest, the announcement generated a lot of debate from his avid fans who called in overwhelmingly expressing their disappointment and beseeching Maina not leave.

His co-host, Mwalimu King’ang’i was having a “cow and a chicken” (in Maina’s words) and didn’t have much to say the entire time that the debate went on. So perturbed was Maina with the reactions from his fans that he questioned why it’s so hard to let go. Arguing that he has been on radio for 12 years, Maina insisted that it was time to leave despite all the pleas from his listeners. The outspoken radio presenter is said to be heading to Miami and even said, “Next year when I come, I will be a summer-bunny in December.”

As other callers were literally begging Maina to stay, one caller dissented holding it that, “You should even leave tomorrow. Have they advertised for your position? You have been a pace setter, and am ready to take up your position.” The station via its Twitter handle asked its listeners to stay calm as the matter was being handled, "Our dear listeners, no need to panic about @ItsMainaKageni leaving, we are in discussion and his exit will be smooth.We'll all miss him #KOT"

What do you think guys? Should he leave or stay?

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