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A Scene from 'Paradies' A Scene from 'Paradies'

Austrian film maker Ulrich Seidl is working on a series of 3 films, the first of which is about a sexual relationship between a European tourist and a Kenyan beach boy at the coast.

The film, titled Paradise (or Paradies in its original German title) tells the story of two women, mother and daughter. Teresa, a 40 year old care worker for the disabled flies to Mombasa in search of love, luck and a local lover, and her daughter who is a 13 year old overweight girl struggling with her weight.

Ulrich describes the character Teresa as a 'sugar mama' who is desperate to find love and acceptance, and on her friend's advice, goes to the Kenyan coast on vacation in the hopes of striking her luck. There she meets a young Kenyan stud who may or may not be interested in her.

In her thirst for love, she realizes that their relationship may just be business afterall.

Ulrich Seidl is a director of numerous award winning documentaries including Good News (1990) and Models (1998). Import Export, the first film Seidl ever produced featured at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

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