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King of Facebook speaks out

Friday, 02 March 2012 10:34 , Written by 
John 'Oj' Oballa John 'Oj' Oballa

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of sitting down and having a one on one with the King of Facebook, Oj. Interesting guy. This is how it went down.

GHAFLA!KENYA:Which is your favorite social media application?
OJ: Facebook of course. I’m the king right! Facebook is fun and wide. I develop apps on Fb so it makes it the ‘thing’.

GHAFLA!KENYA: What tactics did you use to gain your facebook King title and what came with it?
OJ: Extreme campaign on my friends’ walls and popular facebook pages it was fun I can say. I actually never slept for a whole month during the campaign period. I also bought airtime worth Sh.20k and sent Sh.100 to each of my friends so that they would vote for me. I also put up posters at the university notice boards. I won an Apple Mac book, PS3, Huawei Mobile Smartphone, Unlimited Internet for one year and a party for me and 30 friends hosted by Safaricom.

GHAFLA!KENYA: What exactly is your role for facebook and how do you go about it? OJ: I became the facebook brand ambassador for Safaricom. Doing data services commercials and adverts plus getting Safaricom subscribers to know how and to use the short code *544#

GHAFLA!KENYA: What are some of the opportunities and exposure that your title has brought you?
OJ: It gave me an opportunity to work with some of the top CEO's and public figures. The then Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph, Churchill, among others. Sitting at a meeting with Michael at that time was actually a challenge to me. I learnt a lot from them.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Best perk that your title has given you?
OJ: Being a brand myself! Corporates, Companies, Clubs came looking for me to endorse me as their brands ambassador. I got a deal with Club Legend a popular night club in Nairobi. My main role was to enhance the club's sales online as well as increase its visibility on the social media platform as well as create brand visibility strategies.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Any problems associated with being the facebook king?
OJ: No problems. It’s actually fun. You get to meet and know new people each and everyday. I like making new friends so it was actually a boost to my social life.

GHAFLA!KENYA: With the title ‘King’ comes favors and ladies (groupies). Have you received any?
OJ: Ha ha ha…. when you talk of favors yea there are lots of favors. With ladies, groupies all I can say once you keep your morals right you will actually attract more not as groupies but as friends. Nuh I have not received any (smiling). I keep off.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Is there anything between you and the queen of facebook? [hehehe]
OJ: When you talk of anything! I'd say yes. She's my queen on facebook, we work together. Unless you are talking of another "anything" which I don't know!

GHAFLA!KENYA: So, any special queen in your life?
OJ: Non at the moment.

GHAFLA!KENYA: What’s your ideal type of a woman?
OJ: Supportive, independent, beautiful inside and out, confident, simple and down to earth.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Where do you like to hung out?
OJ: Galileo in Westlands and Mercury at Junction anytime. Find me at this joints… I always buy rounds [hahaha]. I also like doing weekend get road trips-Naivasha is the place.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Would you say you are a celebrity?
OJ: No, I don't think so… to me a celebrity is somebody who when he/she walks on the streets people will always be like…hey that's so and so. but I walk on the streets and nobody actually notices me. Chill… at some point I always get some "hi Oj" when I check in to a club or at some social event. Does that qualify me as a celebrity? Lol!

GHAFLA!KENYA: Has social media consumed a larger percentage of your life?
OJ: Yes. I now do social media full time. I am a social media consultant, last year November I was in Rwanda and Burundi doing Social media and ICT training to NGO's in Development. I am also a Director and Social media manager at a digital marketing company (www.trincmedia.com)

GHAFLA!KENYA: Tell us about your blog and website:
OJ: I am into Social media and IT. Actually Information technology is my passion. So my blog (www.johnoballa.com) is just full of funny stories, jokes and gossip. I love gadgets so I do review the latest in the market. Global trends in fashion, sports and entertainment business. I mean you will just find everything there and won’t get bored while at it.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Any current or future projects In store?
OJ: Every year, one percent club (www.onepercentclub.com) an international NGO that hosts development projects online, we always highlight a local based project and help it collect funds to aid their operations. Last year we raised 136k in 8 hours via facebook for a Githurai based project. We are yet to do the same this year.

GHAFLA!KENYA: Tell us something that the world doesn’t know about you.
OJ: I'm emotionally high-maintenance, although I don't require much- just time and attention. I'm sardonic, opinionated, uninhibited, irreverent, and soft top criteria of being allowed into my world. I don't like putting up with peoples’ crap, and I don't like whiners. I'm not shy about voicing my opinions and I have no problem telling someone to go jump in a lake if they are trippin'!

Well, there you have it. One on one with Oj, King of Facebook. Holla at him through Facebook and Twitter to get up close and personal:
Twitter: @oballajohn
Facebook: facebook.com/jon.oballa


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