Gertrude Mungai's Sex Videos. Educational or Immoral?

Monday, 28 January 2013 14:20 , Written by 

Social media has been abuzz lately with the viral spread of Gertrude Mungai's segment on K24 called K24 Connect. This is a show where she discusses bedroom matters, as she is a sexologist. The most heated debate was generated when Gertrude recently went ahead and showed a LIVE demonstration of positions for "Mombasa Raha"(her terminology for sex). Here is the video for those who may have missed it:




The debate around these videos centres on morality. Should these sort of videos be shown on TV?

The conservatives amongst us say that these are private issues between a man and his wife, and they are not for public display. Further to this, Kenya is a Christian country, hence promotion of sexual activity is a thin line to step on.

The liberals on the other hand, say that these are realities of life, and should be openly expressed. Sex education is vital, and there is nothing wrong with showing a man and a woman how to express their love for each other.


What say you, dear Ghafla! fans? Is Gertrude Mungai's "Connect" show too hot for TV, or is it just what the doctor ordered? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section below:


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