Kenyan's Creative Take On The Presidential Debate! This Is Too Funny!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 08:56 , Written by 

I had been waiting for it. Given all the hype and -at the eleventh hour- drama surrounding the presidential debate, i knew Kenyans were going to troll. And troll they have. And this is quite funny! Who says Kenyans are neither creative nor funny? Here are some examples of what Kenyans have come up with:





<from Nyambura Mwangi-Githinji>


LMFAO!!RESULTS......Dida:(distinction) kiyapi:(_____) Uhuru:(pass) PK: (credit) Karua: () Rao:(supplementary) Muite:(see me)."
And the Kiyapi gap means: Jaza pengo




The results are out! Please not that this not a scientific poll. After the debate yesterday, I asked who YOU thought won the debate. Results as at 8:00 am today are as follows.

Dida - 44.30%
Uhuru - 26.06%
Raila - 10.75 %
Peter Kenneth - 7.49%
Martha - 4.56%
Muite -2.93%
Mudavadi - 2.61%
Ole Kiyiapi - 1.30%

Thanks to all who participated and gave their views.





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