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Goldie's Booking Agent Now Denies Her Death. What On Earth Is Going On?

Friday, 15 February 2013 08:32 , Written by 

So just a few minutes after Goldie's death being confirmed via both her official Facebook and Twitter pages, her bookings manager has come out to deny the rumours. Nigerian talent manager Teejay Star, who is also the group creative producer/director at Reel E TV & Radio, took to Twitter to quell the story of Goldie's death.

Teejay has now tweeted:

"And so some ppl just wanna make a joke and d next tin is death? Amazin naija folks... God help yal" - https://twitter.com/teejaysstar/status/302163777942593537


"My client is well.. Pls disregard d fallacy whereva it emanates from.After hating on a successful person, death seems to b dia next tot. Smh" - https://twitter.com/teejaysstar/status/302165698342436865


Now our reputable sources at the Nigerian publication Bella Naija have confirmed to us that she is indeed dead, and both Goldie's Facebook and Twitter have said that she has passed on as well. Here is photo evidence in case it is deleted:






but all the way from here in Kenya, we can only ask, what is going on people? Let's be serious about death. Hopefully Goldie's management will quit the doublespeak and the true story will come out soon enough.

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