BEEF: Vixen Huddah Monroe Claims To Have Nude Pics Of The Bootylicious Vera Sidika

Monday, 25 February 2013 14:03 , Written by 

On Saturday, Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika got down and dirty.

Pulse had previously reported that the two had beef, a report we quickly refuted, but it looks like this time our pretentious print counterparts were right: these two leading socialites do NOT like each other. Huddah: seems to have an issue with Vera:'s loud proclamations of her jet-setting lifestyle. Perhaps there is only room in town for one of them? Here is the tweef chronicled chronologically:

Vera: B*tch be lyk I lied I ws in Ghana.LMAO.I prolly faked ths stamp too huh.don't frant if u Hvnt crossed a boarder!

Huddah: I'm like Jicho Pevu....u were in Ghana but u managed to take pics of a banana leaf only? In such a beautiful country? LOL!

Vera: Having a fab time in Dar. .em haters can kiss my PHAT ASS!

Huddah: She was in Tanzania lying she's in Ghana and Nigeria

Vera: Jealousy is a disease...get well soon.

Huddah: The B*TCH sends me her naked pics....she's always buyin new numbers to stalk me,she was in a cell and couldn't bail 10k only? LOOL!

Vera: Girls like to expose n all but I ain't that type.. Though some ish too serious to expose

Huddah: Somebody tell that Ratchet Vee to remove that ratchet tattoo on her thunder high and go see a dentist for her chocolate teeth!

(Tweef edited slightly for coherency)



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