K24's Sex Aunty Gertrude Mungai Files For Divorce From Husband!

Monday, 01 April 2013 10:04 , Written by 

It's said that sex cannot keep a man at home; Irrespective of how nice or how much sex a man gets. I have always said that men are polygamous by nature and that isn't the Ibo or the Luhya in me talking. It's just a fact. And the African man should stop being swayed by modern conventional norms that only result in him seeking a "Mpango wa Kando" like a silly boy.

Be a man and declare your stand! Uncle Chim Tuna is a polygamist. Period. And from the number of calls that Maina and King'ang'i get, i'm dead sure most Kenyan males resort to "mpango wa kando" like boys because they do not rule their roost! But away from spineless Kenyan men. K24's sex aunty Gertrude Mungai has filed for divorce from her husband.

According to a source, the man strayed and was caught red-handed in the act... Uhm... Lad, why would you take your side chick to your house? It doesn't matter whether the Mrs and children have headed to the countryside to visit your family -her inlaws. Sad to say but her marriage is now done and dusted... I wonder why "Mombasa Raha" wasn't enough though...Wasn't she cooking for the chap?

Oh well, i wish her well. Happy April Fools day though.

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