Ann Kiguta Reveals That She Was Beaten Thoroughly By Her Ex-Boyfriend

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:47 , Written by 

If you haven't yet, you need to get a copy of this month's True Love, because in it is a revealing feature story about KTN news anchor Ann Kiguta.

According to her, the boyfriend started beating her on the day before she made her debut on KTN. They shared a 3-year old baby at the time. Ann was left with marks on her face just hours before she was supposed to appear on KTN's set for the first time, but she put makeup and soldiered on with the job at hand. "I felt that if I didn't go on with my schedule as planned, I was letting the violence win," she said. Before the KTN news began, she went to the hospital to treat her wounds, then dropped a statement at the police station. She confided in Beatrice Marshall about the whole issue, and despite all that was going on, she was exceptional on her first Prime Time appearance.

It was hard for Ann to leave the boyfriend, as they had a baby together, but according to her, the beatings kept coming. Eventually, she said, "I decided to move on for my baby and myself. At least I was financially sound when I left the relationship. That dependence is what keeps women trapped in abusive partnerships."

It's good that Ann has finally come out to clear the air about this. Several other TV presenters are said to be in abusive relationships, hopefully this spurs them into action as well.


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