"Eric Omondi Is Illuminati!" -Kenyan Celebs Exposed

Thursday, 11 April 2013 15:08 , Written by 

Just when i thought that the Illuminati stories were literally last year tings, they are being dredged up again and this time Eric Omondi is being accused of being a member of the Illuminati!

Like i said last year, I don't buy into all the Illuminati hype. Unless your father is in the Illuminati, do not go around throwing such allegations! Why would you start spreading baseless allegations anyway? Oh, that's right, I forgot, you are of the jealous type.

Too lazy to go out and earn your own so you are now cheapening the hardwork sweat and tears that others have poured into achieving their status. Rubbish!

And these pages... garbage! Mechi uno! Shut up!


But here's what they had to say:


First lemme start by saying what many oy you wanna hear before i get to what you need to hear but dont wanna hear. Ericko is one of the funniest comedians Kenya have ever produced,he cracks us up witth jokes every now and then.he must be very talented?i bet your answer was yes. 

Now to what you dont want to hear,what if i told you he is one of the best paid since he serves the master well. the illuminati uses tbe public figures to drive their agenda,they brainwash yourbrain such that you wont see the truth.why is he okay with kukonda?the illuminati want it to be acceptable to be thin in Africa,something we associate with hunger. his dressing a.d behaviours meant to sell the idea of gayism.

How and when did he become illuminati? In US a popula comedian Dave Chapelle refused to join the illuminati,his career was killed,movie deals he had then cancelled a.d upto now he is literraly out. Another comedian Katt Williams refused to kpin the illuminati,his career is down low and faced se eral jail terms all as frustrations from illuminati. Kevin Heart a popular comedian in US is reigning best now.he agreed to sell his soul.in recent event he was spotted wearimg a skirt,this is the initiation process,i bet youve seen Janye West in a skirt in niggas in paris video.thats when you k.ow the initiation taking placr.

now how many times have you seen Erick Omondi perfoming in skirts? uncountable,he has been going through initiation and to apeace the master in fulfilling the world order.

there you have it,take it or leave it"



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