Women Inject Heroin In Their Vaginas In This Documentary On Mombasa's Drug Abuse

Monday, 22 April 2013 10:53 , Written by 

K24 have been going H.A.M in their quest to become a media powerhouse, ever since their owner, Uhuru Kenyatta, became the President of the Republic of Kenya.

Now aside from poaching talent from other media houses, they are now coming out with their own brand of hard-hitting original content. Just as KTN has Jicho Pevu, which recently 'busted' Ciku Muiruri cuddling with an Artur Brother, K24 have released a major expose documentary, entitled "How High?" chronicalling the endemic drug menace in Kenya's Mombasa city.The drug menace in Mombasa has escalated in its proportions. Drugs and their uptake have become rife and are visibly affecting lives of the residents in Mombasa. Belinda Obura interviews a young lady and gives us a shocking insight into the extreme extents that these users go to get a high:

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