Caroline Mutoko Dragged Into The Late Mutula Kilonzo's Death Mystery. Find Out The Real Truth Here!

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 14:04 , Written by 

There have been some nasty rumours doing the rounds thanks to a blogger called Kahawa Tungu who has been claiming that Caroline Mutoko is somehow involved in the mystery surrounding the death of Mutula Kilonzo.

And this is from the lad who was arguing with Mista Majani a.k.a Baba Ghafla claiming he is factual... Pffft! Anyway, the blogger has disseminated the rumours and they are well halfway round the world before the truth begins strapping up it's shoe. And in this case the truth is Ghafla!

I contacted Caroline Mutoko. The lady wants to take the high road. She will not speak about the matter seeing as she has engaged the necessary instruments of the law to seek justice.

However, I will say this, she was at MP Shah on the material day with her friend and colleague Carol Radull whose father was ill. With that said, Kahawa, let Uncle Chim Tuna serve you some real coffee:

Stop tarnishing people's names for the sake of hits. I know you are in a rush to be as big as Ghafla! but slow down son. Caution isn't cowardice. It's wisdom. Take your time to get facts. That way, you will one day grow-up to be the man you admire; me. I may be vocal like all other Ndi Igbo but I get my facts straight and when I'm wrong I apologize.

For the rest of you keep it Ghafla! for the real story as it unfolds!



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