Ghafla Exclusive: Kenyan Celebrity In A Lesbian Relationship?

Monday, 27 May 2013 10:27 , Written by 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have nothing against lesbians. The hot ones. I personally don't care whether they are lipstick lesbians or true blue dykes. I like them. Then again, it could be that I am just enamoured by the thought of two hot ladies engaging in some lip action and more that I cannot talk about.

That being said, lad, set down that tub of Vaseline! uncle Chim Tuna isn't Hugh Hefner..... Yet!

But that being said, i am about to drop a gem on you! So be quick to tell Kenya Post and the rest of those so called entertainment news sites that they should be waiting anxiously for Uncle Chim Tuna a.k.a Mheshimiwa Msema Kweli as I have affectionately dubbed, to drop a gem.

Keep it Ghafla! as Chege Miati would say it, "Ni kama ndrama, ni kama vindeo! Risasi na twangala twangala!"


Check out the celebrity in question here.

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