Big Brother The Chase Update: Housemates Locking Lips Already! (Photos)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 10:05 , Written by 

This year's Big Brother has started with so much energy from the housemates. Yesterday, we saw our very own Huddah Monroe ask for a morning massage from Uganda's Denzel who readily offered. Well, it appears that opened the floodgates for 'action'.

Last evening, the first kiss of The Chase was recorded as Ghana’s Selly and Angola's Biguesas both from the Rubies House wet kissed as other contestants looked on. It all started as a casual game of spin the bottle in the garden which resulted in Selly reaching over to Biguesas for a passionate kiss much to the amusement and applause of her fellow housemates.

South Africa’s Koketso could not match up to Selly’s antics when it was her turn to kiss Zambia’s Sulu. Koketso simply hugged the dreadlocked Zambian and gave him a perk on the cheek.

Sally kisses Biguesas


Meanwhile in the Diamonds House, Sierra Leone's Bolt and Ethiopia's Betty also had their intimate moment as they kissed passionately in the dark as fellow housemates slept soundly. The two Diamonds Housemates couldn't keep their hands off each other early this morning and shared a passionate fumble in the dark.

When things got a little too heated, Bolt jumped out of bed and rummaged through bags, pockets and boxes, clearly searching for something. Whatever it is that Bolt was trying to find proved elusive. The Sierra Leonean then gave up and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Thirsty Betty seemed to appreciate this kind gesture and repaid Bolt in kind.

News: Bolt and Betty Kiss!

Bolt kissing Betty


After giving him the smooch of the century, she slipped her hand under Bolt's shirt and the two lay in each other’s arms, with no care in the world.

It’s Big Brother The Chase and clearly, The Chase is on.




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