What Happens When cops Turn Against Each Other? Join Mohammed Ali In Uncovering The Story In This Captivating Edition Of Jaramandia La Uhalifu!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 16:06 , Written by 

Boys in blue are what often than not stands between alot of us and utter lawlessness in our neighbourhoods. For those of us not fortunate enough to be residents of Nairobi's leafy surbubs, we know this all too well! But what happens when police officers turn on each other due to envy or "chisoro" as my Lasgidi fam would say?

Bullets fly! Meet Police Inspector (former) Seronei. He is the man behind the deaths of some of the most hardcore gangsters Kenya had ever seen! He was feared and loathed in equal measure by criminals who knew that when he came across their path, there could be only two paths: jail or the grave!

And he served his nation so well that he recieved some of the highest commendations our government can bestow officers in our armed discipline. He had everything he could possibly need and he and his family lacked for nothing!

Then he went after Bernard Matheri alias "Rasta" and after gunning him down, his life took a turn that was unexpected! His fellow officers got jealous and begun gunning for him. watch the shocking tale here:


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