Huddah Monroe is one very disappointed socialite after an entertainment and gossip newspaper referred to her as a man eater in an article published a few days ago.

Thursday, 26 February 2015 15:30

This Is What Socialite Huddah Is Upto!


Huddah changes her lanes so fast you would be  forgiven if you called her  a formula one driver! She brought the house last weekend but one Skyluxx when she made an appearance at the "Art of Luxury" a party so big that the organizers had to lock down the club when it became too full that they were out of space. 

 Now Huddah has taken her new found allure out of the confines of our country, She has now taken "socialite" to Malaysia where she is hosting parties the same way they do here, only that the she gives the parties a little more flair than she does back at home. 

She has a much bigger following at malysia than she does here-But what do you expect? even the grand book agrees that heroes are not celebrated at home.

We are still yet to ascertain what goes on in these clubs, but once we get substancial information, which we will anyway, we shall make sure that you are thoroughly informed.  For now, if you can make your way to Malysia, you can as well attend her party at club HQ


A debate has been going on in the recent past about Huddah and a brand new range rover she flaunted on her social media accounts.


The socialite finally did it! Among the many things Huddah is fond of doing, she has never camel toed before. At least not in a professional photo.

Socialite Huddah Monroe has been ridiculed lately for trying to pull a Amber Rose after she shaved her hair and allegedly enlarged her anterior and posterior to pull a completely new stunt.

Since last week, rumour has been that comedian Eric Omondi and socialite Huddah Monroe are a pair.

A local blog recently released documents indicating that Huddah’s brand new Range Rover belonged to an organization named Baze LTD.

Is Eric Omondi dating Huddah Monroe the socialite? Well, whatever they have between them, they got mocked badly for it on social media.

Valentines is just around the corner and among those who have started theirs in advance is Comedian Eric Omondi and socialite Huddah Monroe.

Valentines is just a stone-throw away and lovers are bracing themselves for the big love day. Those who have no partners are on the run to find one for the day to remain relevant on 14th February.

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