Wednesday, 29 July 2015 12:36

Huddah Monroe Wants To Get Pregnant!

Huddah getting pregnant wouldn’t be a big deal compared to news about the lucky dude that would give her the ‘stomach.’ That’s just a hypothetical scenario.


Huddah Monroe is now confessing VERY intimate stuff about her. Things that should otherwise be kept off public domain. And she is doing so because of Kes 187 million.

Huddah slapped Vera with her open left hand full across the face. It rocked her and she took a step back and then steadied herself, blinking her eyes and staring at Huddah. Her  headache must have been a starburst. ... It all begun today when Vera Sidika Splayed social media with her newest acquisition, a 20 million Kenyan Shillings 2015 Range Rover Sport.. We were all taken aback,completely bamboozled by the woman that Vera is.. We knew she had money but 20 million on a car? 

Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe and other Kenyan socialites are the latest recipients of stinging attacks from NTV’s Larry Madowo ahead of Obama visit.

Following the death of veteran Vitimbi actor Mzee Ojwang Hatari, socialite Huddah Monroe came out to claim that she knew the deceased on a personal level having featured in Vitimbi at some point as Kayai, child to Mama Kayai and Mzee Ojwang.

To the untrained eye, Huddah Monroe is just an Instagram junkie with a potty-mouth who hobnobs with sponsors who in turn find the money for her the jet-setting lifestyle she enjoys so much.

Huddah Monroe is a really pretty girl but what she did recently will have you looking sideways.

Huddah Monroe loathes African men and possibly she won't be dating the ‘inferior’ species any time soon. But wasn’t she smooching all over with them before? Didn't she recently perfuse her instagram with photos of a certain African man claiming he was the love of her life and they were going to get married?

Holy moly! Huddah has completely lost it this time round! Some sponsor probably made her parade her dwarfish boobs.

2015 is just midway but it has not been devoid of scandal after another. In fact we already have more than what a whole year could give. And all these have been exposed by Ghafal! Kenya.

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