Just from the way she was continuously passing the heavy chocking smoke through her nostrils; one can clearly note that the flamboyant Huddah is a chain smoker or something of that sort.

I remember a time when Vera took to the Trend to inform us that her bleach job cost 50 Million Kenyan shillings.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:25

Are these the hottest women in Kenya?

Huddah Is one of the best dressed women of our generation, but she is not the only one, she has company as far as looking glam is concerned- who do you think has killed it here?

‘Bow down bitches!’ seems to be the message Huddah Monroe is ending out to her rivals when she posed in an unbelievably sexy bikini from Haus of Mednette.

The best way to advertise yourself, is to come up with sexy outfits, like lingerie, if you don't have lingerie, then you can wear a flimsy top and pose for a photo, you wont believe how many guys are going to get interested!! Here is huddah

Friday, 12 September 2014 18:05

Huddah The Boss chic Sweetest Moments-

The  socialite business has never looked better for the boss lady, you know, posting sexy photos regularly, while making sure that some of these photos are quite revealing, you know, Men and flesh.

here are some of the sweetest photos of huddah!


There are a bunch of people who just love to watch the world burn and some of this people just happen to be Vera Sidika’s and Huddah Monroe’s fans.

She may have fallen off the modeling-wagon but Huddah Monroe, Kenya’s BBA Rep 2013 has jumped right back in.

The public over-expression of outrage over Blaqy’s new video ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ inspired this article.

Kim Kardashian would be so proud! Just like Kim, Huddah shared a very risqué photo of herself on vacation at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel  in Lagos yesterday.

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