Huddah Monroe is without a doubt one of the most popular girls around, her controversial photos ,bad ass attitude and and being a straight shooter has earned her hordes and hordes of fans especially on Social Media.

Huddah has to be one of the most emotive and controversial personalities in Kenya! And that goes for the past decade! I cannot think of anyone as emotive and divisive as Huddah except negatively ethnic politicians but that's another story for another blog. Huddah Monroe rose from the obscurity of being a video vixen for B-rated stars to becoming a household name if not must-have fap material (her pictures) all across Africa!

Huddah is one of the sexiest women East Africa has seen in eons. She is sexy, has an attitude and knows how to dress to kill. What more could you ask for? Intelligence aye? But remember that highly educated women's marriages usually end up in divorce. Aye so she is the perfect arm candy, yes she is!

Huddah Monroe is one of the sexiest women God created. I dare say she is the lady whom Drake rapped about when he said, "Little East African girl/" blah blah blah. i had the priviledge of partying with this beauty once and I was blown away by how energetic she is and not to mention how drop dead gorgeous she is.

I found this and just couldn't help but to chuckle to myself. Whatever issues there are between these two belles have long simmered down but before that, we were treated to some of the best insults ever. Were they funny? Yes. But they were also vicious. The type that only former friends could pull because of how well they know each other.

You know you are living in a 3rd world country when 450,000 shillings hair and 85,000 shillings phone make headlines.


After an artiste by the name Sidney released a song about having sex with Huddah, we can confirm that the long-awaited video is out.

One thing is for sure, there is never a  dull moment at the BuoArt studios. From women stripping down to their birthday suits and bathing suits, to photographing some of the hottest women in Kenya in some of the most revealing position, Kev Buo has seen it all.

From gallant loud prints to simple details celebrities, fashionistas and the general population in Kenya are getting in touch with their wild side by donning animal print.

She may have been portrayed as an undeniably beautiful but absolutely the most cruel and sadistic female these streets (read Twitter, FB and IG) has ever seen.

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