They say they are the sexiest women your eyes can ever see in the 254. Though this assumption is highly debatable, some of these ladies for sure will make you seat on the edge of your chair.


There was a time in mid-October last year when I wrote an article about our two popular socialites, Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe.


Her fame was wrought by controversy and partying, and we all thought we knew what she was about.But just when we think we have gotten someone all figured out, they surprise us.

Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika have been the hottest topic on social media after they were exposed for being call girls. Now a dancehall artist has chipped in his comment affirming Huddah is indeed an international harlot.


The self-style socialite has given the public a rare glimpse of her dirty undesired past. Huddah has admitted she used to do drugs way back before she became a popular face on the entertainment scene.

Call me insensitive, but I have noticed that nowadays people are so quick to get offended. We are so quick to decipher if a message is ‘politically correct’.

Huddah Monroe is on the receiving end after she ‘unintentionally’ stepped on some people’s toe with her comment. Her post has been deemed offensive and as a result the internet has decided to reciprocate by whipping her tiny behind.

I remember once my boss, who likes visiting the gym, telling me that it is more than what many people think about gym. This was after I spotted some blisters on his hands and inquired if someone had attacked him. And now I understand why Huddah Monroe is contemplating otherwise.

She doesn’t bother about societal morals or the fuss generated after slapping the world with one of her numerous shockers. After all, Huddah Monroe is a socialite; what can’t she do?

Two of East Africa’s leading socialites, Zari the Boss Lady and Huddah the Boss Chick are planning to kill men when they meet late this month.

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