Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe are household names in Kenya thanks to their flashy engagements in the socialite world.


Valentines day is two weeks away from now. This is the day ladies and gentlemen litter the streets with attractive red colours all in the name of love. It is the day lost love is reclaimed, faded love rekindled and of course those without love find love.

Socialite Huddah Monroe is not taking anything for fun or for granted, and she will not mind breaking links with you if you are that type of person who cannot satisfy her financial needs.

Huddah last week changed her look by cutting her hair short, she finally decided to drop her weaves and adopted a more aesthetic African look(just like Lupita) And didn't she look Gorgeous?

Huddah Monroe was caught unaware in the streets of Nairobi by a curious onlooker who took a video of her.


Even as the socialite religion keeps blossoming and flourishing in the Kenyan industry, one renowned Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones, is not giving a thought about the same.

Monday, 19 January 2015 07:47

Huddah Turns Over a New Leaf ....

Exactly a week ago (last Friday to be precise) Huddah was publicly thrashed on social media by her alleged boyfriend. It was a long-winded account that listed in detail, her trade and how she comes by her living. Yaani Her hussle was publicly revealed.

Huddah Monroe,the blithe Kenyan,eer,socialite has had a rough weekend courtesy of some very unsavoury revelations her former Pay-As-You-Go Lover made on Instagram. In a vain attempt to embarrass and shut him up,Queen Huddah found herself in a rather tight corner after some very unpalatable secrets of her and her clandestine shenanigans were publicized by the irked boyfriend. Photos in tow. Ouch.


The former BBA flop has been making headlines lately; from that instagram rant with her Ugandan boyfriend who she was rumoured to have gallivanted with in the niceties of South Africa courtesy of his money to those boobs that looked like they were fresh from shop.

Last Friday Huddah went to her instagram and decided to call out her alleged boyfriend, she was particularly unhappy at King Lawrence, she called him a fake-ass wannabe, a retard and a myriad other unprintables. Angry at the jabs on his ego, King Lawrence went start raving mad, he exposed her trade. Among other things, he called her an A-grade international farm tool (read hoe) He went out to say that, the socialites, including Zari Hassan would never afford the lush living they make us believe that they personally fund. He said that they were  paid in dollars to sleep with tycoons.... 

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