Huddah Isn’t a musician but she’s raking in serious guap from her gigs than most conventional artists in the region.

For all his award winning journalistic credentials, his interviewing and hosting skills along with anything else his seemingly Midas touch finds time to do, there are places where Jeff Koinange is not the blaze trailer but follows a set path. In this regard he is set to follow Huddah Monroe in becoming the second celebrity to be roasted.

First off, it is official being a socialite is a career and it involves among many other things denying that you are one. I hear you snickering but that’s leaving in denial and standing in the path of progressive ambitious and daring young lasses and lads in their pursuit of stardom.  Having cleared that, the socialite industry in Kenya has hit some self-imposed plateau level.

Jackson Ngechu Makini a.k.a CMB Prezzo missed the $300,000 (Ksh24 million) bounty by a hair's breadth when he made it to the final two in Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Africa.

A certain blog claimed that Nairobi Senator has expressed interest in marrying the resident provocateur, Huddah Monroe.

Donald Trump. Barack Obama. Vladimir Putin. The Pope. The Queen. Hillary Clinton. Kim Kardashian. Rihanna. Beyonce. Taylor Swift. Katy Perry. Nicki Minaj. Mugabe.... These are some of the biggest names globally. And,day after day after day,you will see them in the news... On blogs,magazines,TV talk shows,interviews and pretty much on almost every media outlet.

The self-styled socialite was hacked by unknown person only known as Vee who appeared to be on a revenge mission.

Huddah Monroe knows Kenyans enjoy gossip and she did not hesitate when it came to spilling the tea on Vera Sidika as she knew we would lap it up.

There is trouble and I mean major trouble in socialite land. The two ultimate queens Huddah Monroe and vera Sidika have decided to share a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes away from all bikini photos.


Definitely Diamond Platnumz has been hacked by the latest taunts and mockery from controversial Ugandan rich fella King Lawrence.

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