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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 13:57

Huddah Monroe Reborn

If  you are a social media addict In sure you never got to miss Huddah's epic Tweefs and 'oops' moments on social media.Her antics were morphine and haters and lovers alike flocked her accounts for a daily dose of 'Huddah Monroe Drama' .

Huddah was the first video vixen worth a damn. That was long before the age of Ghafla. Then, in the year of our Lord (anno ghafla) 2012, she was catapulted into the role of leading socialite. A role she later renounced. *sigh* Mine is a thankless job indeed!
Anyway, she has been involved in some of the most scandalous incidents ever since she came out of the Big Brother Africa House after an ignominious send off after saying at the house for an entire week.

I don't usually listen to 1Fm in the morning. I actually like a lot less noise from the radio. i don't like all the shouting and hooting that takes place. But I am sure now that Lulu Saida has found her voice, she will take charge of the show -and she has already begun to show some promising signs that she is coming up from under the noisey shadow.

Earlier in the day, I reported about a demonstration held by women against Colonel Moustapha. But it has since emerged that the entire demonstration was organized by Nyota Ndogo and was her way of showing displeasure at the pictures Colonel Moustapha had allegedly leaked of him and Huddah in compromising positions.

Colonel Moustapha and Huddah Monroe had what seemed to be a relationship. Huddah however has come out to voice vociferous denials and to insist that it was all a stunt that has backfired. Colonel Moustapha for his part has come out to counter asking why she took off her clothes for him if it was nothing more than a stunt seeing as she insulted him insisting that he is not of her class.

After quitting  Twitter and Instagram for a reason that she would not reveal, its clears as day that Huddah ad quite the impact on social media.

Last week, word rend the airwaves that what happened between Huddah and Colonel Moustapha might have been a publicity stunt. When Colonel Moustapha was informed that Huddah had begun taking shots at him, he came out strongly to refute that this was all a publicity stunt.

His assertion that this was real seem to have rankled one too many people. He took it a step further by calling Huddah out for being insecure about a woman he was photographed with -a woman Ghetto radio alleged he was later to spend the night with.


This morning, Huddah Monroe burst open a can of worms when she broke her silence over her alleged relationship with Colonel Mustapha. After numerous attempts to reach him bore no fruits, Citizen Radio’s ‘Mzazi’ Willy M Tuva finally got hold of him.

After all the racket surrounding the Huddah-Mustapha relationship, things have now taken a totally different an anticipated direction. Earlier today, speaking exclusively to Ghafla! Huddah declared that there’s in fact nothing between her and the ‘Lenga Stress’ hit-maker.

In a lengthy statement sent to us, Huddah states emphatically that Colonel Mustapha is not in her class nor her level and everyone knows that she can never date him…only in his dreams!

Huddah says,

"I don't know Mustafa, I don't know where he lives. And the first time I met him was at the photo session and when we went for KTN interview. When I heard he is all over doing interviews without me saying how much we are dating has trashed my name coz Mustafa and Ogopa DJs are a sinking ship that was only looking to rise using my name.


I went ahead, called Lucas of Ogopa Djs and ordered him not to release the song or else I'll take legal action. And that's why it never got released.

I just wanna make it clear that Mustafa is not my class, not on my level and everyone knows I can't date him apart from his 300fans. Even Mwanaisha asked in the interview, "you are known to be on top of ur game, why Mustafa?" I just laughed coz I was told what to say at the interview until shit hit the fan."

Since it was prudent to give both Mustapha and Ogopa DJs a right of reply, we reached out to them for the same.

Mustafa Huddah

Mustapha & Huddah during 'happy days'

However, if you’ve been keenly following this mini-‘telenovela’, you should know by now that Ogopa never answer phone calls and so the same was witnessed today. After several phone calls and text messages, we got no response.

All the same, we reached out to Colonel Mustapha. And it appears he’s been taking notes from his producer because 6 phone calls later, no answer was forthcoming.

With our hands tied, there’s little we could do than to let the public be the judge.

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