Donald Trump. Barack Obama. Vladimir Putin. The Pope. The Queen. Hillary Clinton. Kim Kardashian. Rihanna. Beyonce. Taylor Swift. Katy Perry. Nicki Minaj. Mugabe.... These are some of the biggest names globally. And,day after day after day,you will see them in the news... On blogs,magazines,TV talk shows,interviews and pretty much on almost every media outlet.

The self-styled socialite was hacked by unknown person only known as Vee who appeared to be on a revenge mission.

Huddah Monroe knows Kenyans enjoy gossip and she did not hesitate when it came to spilling the tea on Vera Sidika as she knew we would lap it up.

There is trouble and I mean major trouble in socialite land. The two ultimate queens Huddah Monroe and vera Sidika have decided to share a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes away from all bikini photos.


Definitely Diamond Platnumz has been hacked by the latest taunts and mockery from controversial Ugandan rich fella King Lawrence.

Insanely Funny: Here Are 10 Crops That Huddah Grows On Her Farm!

All was not well in socialite town as the mayor (Vera Sidika) and Deputy Mayor (Huddah Monroe)            are locking horns harder than two enormous bulls in Kakamega.

Huddah Monroe a farmer? It seems the socialite wants to squash the bad rumor she makes her coin from her ninii.


Takes your seats around the ring people. Done? Well, sit back and wait for the referee to start the fight. It is between Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 12:36

Huddah Monroe Wants To Get Pregnant!

Huddah getting pregnant wouldn’t be a big deal compared to news about the lucky dude that would give her the ‘stomach.’ That’s just a hypothetical scenario.

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