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Huddah Monroe Caught Getting Laid (Photo)

Socialite Huddah Monroe has been traversing the vastly regions of the European continent, hanging out with prominent and eminent persons in equal measure.

While your morals may be a hurdle restraining you from engaging in some queer activities for the sake of making dough, Huddah Monroe has no qualms about how she makes her money. After all, the end justifies the mean, or is it not?


South Africans have painted the whole continent in a bad light with their xenophobic killings that have been taking place in the coastal city of Durban. The nauseating incident has sparked global outrage with celebrities and leaders condemning it with the loudest voice.

It was just the other day when Huddah Monroe, Kenya’s self-proclaimed boss of all chics, shared to the world photos of herself having sweet moments in Paris, France.


Socialite Huddah Monroe has been living large ever since she first came to the limelight thanks to her participation in the Big Brother Africa, Africa’s biggest reality show.

As Kenyans and other sympathizers from the world over join hands to pray following the grueling attack on Garissa University College which left 147 Kenyans dead, socialite Huddah Monroe has travelled to Europe to visit the most famous and largest church building in the world.

If you thought that the endless trips to the end of the world were handed to her on a silver platter, then you need to think again, and again, then one more time. check out her weathered down photos here. 

They say they are the sexiest women your eyes can ever see in the 254. Though this assumption is highly debatable, some of these ladies for sure will make you seat on the edge of your chair.


There was a time in mid-October last year when I wrote an article about our two popular socialites, Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe.


Her fame was wrought by controversy and partying, and we all thought we knew what she was about.But just when we think we have gotten someone all figured out, they surprise us.

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