If you hang around the corridors of social media, you are bound to find something interesting lurking there .

Forget loose-fitting pregnancy tunics and dowdy midi dresses, Mwashirima is showing off her growing baby bump in lovely form fitting clothes and she looks wonderful!

More information coming in about the scandal in which a pastor was caught pants down with someone’s wife is even making people raise more questions about the whole incident.

KTN has sent the whole nation talking when they explicitly exposed an Anglican pastor marauding on someone’s wife in a guest house.

What happens when celebrities have one too many drinks? Well... a lot can happen, you can end up in a stranger’s bed, engage in a fierce fist fight, flash your boobs or if you are lucky staggering drunkenly and speaking ramblingly for the cameras.

Don’t you just miss the good old days? I know I do!


It’s been a while since we had a Kenyan TV show that specifically deals with dishing out some money.

I think just about every major Kenyan TV station has had its glory days.

KTN’s comic opera the real house helps of Kawangware has got Kenyans on twitter talking resulting to the show making the cut to be among the trending items on twitter today.

Do you remember the piece KTN carried called "My Bukusu Love" aye, ofcourse you do. It was the one where a young Muhindi lady had left her wealthy family preferring instead to live in squalor with her Bukusu lover. For those not indigenous to Kenya who're wondering why such a story made news, well, it's because Kenyan Indians and indigenous Kenyans do not relate outside of a professional capacity.

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