Sometime late last year, Hollywood jetted into the country to shoot an upcoming series titled ‘Sense8’. The series is now out, complete episodes of season 1.

 This Is Why #AfricanBehaviours Is Trending On Twitter!


Nothing excites people like catching a rare glimpse of free action. Mombasa residents were treated to an ‘appealing’ sight of a pair who got stuck in the act of physically expressing their love.


A cosmetic procedure gone wrong has robbed a 34-year-old lady her life. The deceased was on a mission of increasing the size of her butt when she died.


The two dudes have literally become celebrities overnight! Kinoo matatu operators are the talk of the nation.

Remember Corporal Linda Okello, the former Kiambu-based policewoman who drew public attention because of her tight official skirt? Well, another female police officer is walking down her path with her gigantic bum.


Yes! The fine piece of British engineering is now crisscrossing Nairobi roads causing a stir whenever folks land their eyes on it!

Crazy world indeed! Former American track and field athlete, Bruce Jenner, is the hottest topic on social media thanks to her transformation that has hypnotized the whole world.

Hilarious Reactions To The Trend #HowToAngerAKenyan

Edi Githegi, Lupita Nyong’o, Benji Onyango, Rachel Marete among others are some of the Kenyan-born personalities leaving a mark in the world of entertainment at the seat and hallmark of world entertainment; Hollywood.

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