He one of the funniest people in Kenya and that landed him a job as the host of Churchill Raw, which airs on Thursdays on NTV. Apart from the TV job, he’s a radio host on Hot 96. He’s Jessy Jasper, better known as MC Jessy.

Here are some photos courtesy of Glorious Pictures from the 51st episode of Churchill Show recording. Check out the photos.

Possibly one of the finest African female artists, TV personality and radio host, Monique Kabuye's star is on an upward trajectory. Known for hosting Citizen TV’s Afromix show, Afrodizzia, as well as Afro Central on HBR, Monique has also cut a niche for herself as an established soul singer with a heart for social work.

It appears his day job as a radio host and comedian is not giving him gratification. Per se, Churchill Show comedian and Churchill Raw host, MC Jessy has his eyes set on another career.

Abdul Haji has been described as a hero after he was captured on camera saving hundreds of people trapped in the Westgate Mall siege. Even though he doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but to many Haji is an idol, so much so that he has been christened ‘Kenya’s Jack Bauer’.

Posting about the alleged leaked nudes of Sonko and Shebesh is not news anymore but the reaction to the photos is. So this morning on ‘Hot Breakfast’ on Hot 96, radio hosts Cindy Ogana and MC Jessy decided to follow in the footsteps of the two Nairobi leaders.

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