Kenyans on Twitter fondly referred to as KOT really enjoy poking fun at others, but once in a while, they meet their match who gives them a swift kick in the balls.


Last Friday, blogger Seth Odongo was charged with hate speech in a Nairobi court and detained at the Industrial Area Prison after he failed to raise the exorbitant Ksh5 million bond or Ksh 2 million cash bail.

Whenever you hear a tweef is erupting and it involves either Robert Alai or Vera, it is going to be epic. But what happens when they are insulting each other? Then the level of epicness attained is going to be professional! I am talking overkill! And that is exactly what erupted when the two clashed over a tweet sent out by Soko Analyst.

Now that Esther Arunga has lost her son, I do not think this is the time to attack her.

I recently saw a read an article from Robert Alai run by The Nairobian and I had to syndicate it. The article was done in Robert Alai's marked style; a concoction of bile, hatred and thinly veiled insults but I am not one to deny the devil his dues and I had to share it because there is some truth to it:


Robert Alai is officially the king of tweefs. After being embroiled in a bitter feud with NTV’s Larry Madowo, he butted heads with Vera Sidika.


On Wednesday night, Dr. Christian Turner, the British High Commissioner to Kenya hosted a dinner of a kind at his residence that attracted Kenya’s top twitterati among other tech savvy stakeholders.


In April, blogger Robert Alai claimed his life was in danger. The highly-influential was accusing political activist, Moses Kuria and a controversial lawyer of plotting to kill him over comments he posted on Twitter.

“When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die” Linkin Park

Thursday, 20 March 2014 13:28

Introducing Robert Alai's 'First Wife'

Whenever words are being minced, Robert Alai is never there. The techie, blogger and twitter bigwig has been lauded for being one of the most straight shooting though abrasive public personalities.

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