Controversial blogger Robert Alai has once again pocked fun on the qualification of Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Mr. Joseph Ole Lenku.

Is the president being used as the scapegoat in the Mandera massacre or are Robert Alai’s claims true?

With the country waking up to a rude shock that 28 passengers were killed in Mandera on Saturday, many questions have been raised as people try to come to terms with the unfortunate incident.

Oh-oh. The Daily Nation is the latest media house caught in a web of lies.

The country is mourning the passing on of the charismatic, eloquent and humorous Gerald Otieno Kajwang, the Homabay County Senator after what was reported to be a heart attack.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:36

Robert Alai’s Double Standards Exposed


Is Robert Alai preaching water and secretly drinking wine? His stand on skimpy dresses a few years ago will surprise you.


While you are busy drumming up support for #MyDressMyChoice, Robert Alai is equally engaged in a different mission trying to water down your support, so far it appears his mojo is working perfectly well.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 10:03

Did Robert Alai Just Get Stripped??

Alai has never been a favorite of the womenfolk, to begin with, he has a face that only a mother would love, secondly, his views on life border on madness and complete insanity. 

Lately he has been receiving a dose of the concoction that he dishes out, in exhalted circles, we would say that Alai "got served"

It all begun when he publicly insulted Esther Passaris, calling her loose among other names that only him can write. Then women have not been impressed by his display of sheer bravado, 

"Alai has deep seated emotional issues, someone must have touched him in the wrong places when he was growing up.." He is a man who is battling mid-life crisis by choosing to vent his frustrations on guileless people, when  we cannot deny the fact that that he has more guts than any other blogger, he is totally un-justified to take out his emotional issues on random people. 



Mkazee Mwatela, an actress of renown was not impressed with the way Alai was handling "MydressMychoice" 


She wrote on facebook " If you are the one who stole his penis give it back to him,god is seeing you. See how he is taking it out on everyone. Just give Alai back his manhood"10373973_10152543539961757_1846655230840479074_n.jpg

Mkamzee Mwatela


Today is the d-day. This is the day when willing women and everybody will be joining together to protest in the streets of Nairobi over what they say is reckless stripping, harassment and assault on women by primitive blokes.

Today the commander-in-chief hosted the green army in State House to personally congratulate them for winning the Kenyan premier league, but Gor’s visit to the House on the hill couldn’t end without tongues talking.

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