For good or wrong reasons, Robert Alai makes some of the enthralling news stories in Kenya. From controversy to controversy, truth to truth and lies to lies, Alai is one guy who is known for his outspoken nature. He speaks louder than you can imagine.


Ebola, the deadliest of all diseases ever experienced in world history, has continued to cause havoc in West Africa and other parts of the world as it continues to ravage on the population, mostly because of its mode of transmission and ability to kill within a maximum of 21 days.


Robert Alai is one of the most outspoken, extroverted and controversial individuals in Kenya. He has never failed to voice his views when he feels he should be.


Budalang’i Member of Parliament Ababu Namwamba posted photos of himself and a female colleague enjoying themselves in India and the one and only Robert Alai decided to call it embarrassing.

Njeri Mwaura a Kenyan domestic worker in the Middle East has uploaded a video appealing for urgent help from any concerned Kenyan as she is on the verge of Death.

Whistle Blower Robert Alai has exposed the ordeal of one of his fans who found a crawling worm on his plate at Nairobi Java Yaya Centre.

Some will call it wisdom. Others will see it as a jibe towards women. And to others, it is more of a swipe to ladies who cannot work out their own living. All in all, Robert Alai, one of Kenya’s most controversially known bloggers, has driven a point home.


This world is not enough for cyber activist Robert Alai; his imagination of the ideal world can only be achieved through visiting Disney land in a fantasy.

Yesterday twitter blew up. Like a home-made grenade in downtown Iraq. Reason?? A bunch of writers were accusing their fellow writer of sexual molestation. The Results?? Free online entertainment.

Last Sunday marked 10 years in this industry for ‘Sobei Cheiso’ singer Emmy Kosgei.

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