It’s not the first time the head of state and the controversial blogger are conflicting. Alai, who has sanctified himself as an arbiter of truth, has been mortified by the President who pulped his rhetoric.

With news that actress Nana  Gichuru had met an untimely ending after her car rammed onto an oncoming truck, social media came alive with speculations from all corners trying to unravel the mystery that was Nana. For hours on end, Facebook forensic experts and psychic wannabes treated us to an analysis and an indepth report of what might have happened.. The onslaught was led by Robert Alai. 

The controversial blogger has now crossed the border with a tirade against Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson.

Zero chills ehh! The controversial blogger has once again stooped way low with his prickly words. And Kenyans put him on the spot!

Social Media whistle-blower Robert Alai is back at it again.. Disturbing our Sunday hangovers with a sobering video of a public servant abusing his power and physically assaulting a man of lesser power and authority. Much like the explosive Hon. Alfred Keter video he shared some months back... Also on a Sunday!

The controversial blogger is at it again! Perhaps Robert Alai likes it when the police locks him up in the soiled Kenyan cells.

Janet Mbugua has sadly been the recipient of harsh criticism and unwarranted bashing for anchoring news while heavily pregnant.

Is our national security worrying foreigners? With President Obama I understand Americans are always paranoid with matters security. But with Uganda…Someone please help!!!

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has once again ignited his feud with Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua with attacks aimed at his development record and his administration.

Robert Alai is once again making headlines but this time round he isn’t tearing into someone neither is he being trolled.

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