Thursday, 20 March 2014 13:28

Introducing Robert Alai's 'First Wife'

Whenever words are being minced, Robert Alai is never there. The techie, blogger and twitter bigwig has been lauded for being one of the most straight shooting though abrasive public personalities.


Guys, the internet is a ruthless cold-blood killer. Twitter, Facebook, and Google have a way of spreading news like wildfire, especially when it comes to a celebrity's untimely "demise". And thanks to the amount of hours upon hours we spend online, internet Death hoaxes spread so fast.

After close to 5 years, photo-journalist turned activist, Boniface Mwangi, has decided to drop his banners and go home. He has been the face of street protests and is well remembered for orchestrating the much-publicized MPigs campaign that paralyzed parliamentary proceedings for some time.

Robert Alai... A name that conjures up mixed emotions. I know nary a person who doesn't have an opinion on the man. And the fact that most do not know him is testimony to just how powerful the man is - he controls your emotions even though he doesn't know you.


You don't need to be paparazzi to get inside your favorite famous guy’s homes; Ghafla’s got you sorted! After showing you how the glamorous interiors of Vera Sidika’s house in the leafy suburbs that is Kileleshwa, it’s time to show you how blogger extraordinaire, Robert Alai’s bachelor pad.

Controversial blogger and cyber-activist, Robert Alai, is hated and loved in equal measure thanks to what he posts on social media. Alai's whose social social media footprint is huge last night lashed out at a renowned KTN reporter following a story he did.

If you’re as radical as Robert Alai then you’re certain you will ruffle a lot of feathers whenever you open your mouth/ or write. And ruffling feathers Alai has: from the altercations with Alfred Mutua, Safaricom, Francis Kimemia and William Oduol, just to name a few, the blogger certainly is not a darling to everyone.

Everything is possible these days ever since the advent of Photoshop. You can superimpose your photo with that of any superstar and fool your friends (depending on how good your photoshop skills are). Anyhow, we all agree that photoshop does wonders!

Robert Alai and I actually have one thing in common: we speak from the heart. I will never begrudge Robert Alai that. However, this time he chose to poke fun at someone who knew just how to respond, in a civil classy manner.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 13:04

Robert Alai Vying For Yet Another Top Job

A couple of years ago it was easy to assume that the art of blogging was set to die a painful death at the hands of social networks like Facebook and Twitter and others. While social has changed how we communicate online, blogging remains a core part of things especially with the rising number of bloggers.

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