Laura Akunga, the lady that has attracted the attention of the whole country has been courted with a major controversy.

Controversial whistleblower, Robert Alai, has taken issues with Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o, for her unpalatable behavior.


Talk of Robert Alai and someone will tell you he is the most controversial man we have around. He just courts controversy at will, but has in most cases ended up wowing many for speaking his mind out and of course to a greater extent, the truth.

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Yesterday blogger Robert Alai excited Kenyans on Twitter with news of the birth of his baby who he called Alain Junior.

As reported early on, controversial blogger Robert Alai Onyango is the latest dad in town after his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I know you are already wondering what Robert Alai has done this time round. Indeed, he has done something but not controversial as you want to think.


Controversial whistle blower, Robert Alai, is once again at loggerheads with Kenyans after he posted a vexatious photo on the internet.

Controversial blogger Robert Alai is a household name in Kenya today thanks to his controversial engagements especially on the social media where he does not shy away from rowing his boat the opposite directions, rubbing shoulders the wrong way with almost everybody.

He is a man full of controversy, from what he posts online to the streets. And today, the controversial blogger is at it again.

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