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Vera Sidika Is One Sexy Woman. Prezzo And Davido Get Erections Just From Standing Next To Her Derriere (PHOTO)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 09:55 , Written by 

While trawling the internets for stories for you and yours, i came across a very interesting picture put up by my friend Joe Muchiri... Very interesting indeed. Especially given that a man noticed this fact. Well, when Vera met Davido, he was standing. Twice.
His uhm... member. Bleurgh! And for the record I lost at "Rock Paper Scissors" so I have to do this piece.


I informed my team however that being West African, Davido's just probably endowed. i should know. Being Igbo and all but I digress. Anyway, the fact that Joe Muchiri actually took notice of these pictures then took the time to explain what is off about them raises questions. Questions that I will ask the next time I meet him.

Anyway, here we go:



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