Fashion Disaster: Octopizzo Steps Out Looking Like A Whimsical Chessboard (PHOTO)

Sometimes, even the most fashion forward celebrities we have get caught out looking off. This is one such case. Octopizzo is today’s culprit. The lad who happens to have been one of my selections for fashion icon stepped out in England looking like he had raided Willy Wonka’s wardrobe!


He has on so many patterns that he looks like a blue Maasai, chessboard rainbow elf! My word! This time the lad fell off for the days! Check him out below:




No really, when he got dressed was there no one to tell him how off he looked? Were there no mirrors in the hotel he’s staying at? Does this lad not travel with any real friends? This Octopizzo lad, talented as he is clearly needs to be taught a thing or two about dress sense. My word!

Still, you’ve got to admire his confidence! It takes some huge stones to step out looking like Willy Wonka!

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Nwasante Khasiani (Writer)