¨Diamond is yet to find his ideal woman¨ Mzee Abdhul confesses

It has been worrying that Tanasha already gave birth and Diamond has taken no step to make an honest wife out of her.

Chibu´s father, Mzee Abdhul has revealed that Diamond is yet to find a woman ideal enough, to settle with.

Up and close with vlogger, Carry Mastory, the old man disclosed:

It is in the works. He is looking for a good wife. He can marry even now but end up separated. And then people will talk and say ´See, he cannot even sustain a marriage!´ But I pray and believe he will get the right person to settle down with so that once he gets married, that´s it.

Diamond is still looking for a good wife – Mzee Abdhul reveals

Ideal woman

Further divulging that Naseeb might not have taken a step to marry Tanasha because she might not be his ´perfect match.´

Unless he wants to add wife number two and three, since it is allowed in Islam. I think he hasn´t found a woman that he is satisfied with or one that needs him enough. I believe God will bless him with the perfect wife.

According to Diamond´s dad, the world might look at a partner and think they are ´perfect´ but only the one who spends time with them, behind closed doors, fully knows their character.

Ohhhh, well all the women he has had in his life are good women, I don´t understand why he is still unmarried. You might see that that person is good but the one living with them, knows their secret flaws that I may not know.

Only the one living with someone, knows their secret flaws – Diamond´s dad speaks

Mr Abdul Juma however believed that Diamond will eventually settle but for now, he still seems unsatisfied.

With time, God will Bless him with a good woman that he needs. When we had heart to heart talks, he said he is ready but I got the impression that he is not there yet.

Closing off, Mzee Abdul pinned the blame on the current generation that is quick to get into relationships, without words from the wise.

In the days of our babus, the men would advise you on where to marry from. But nowadays, the youth just rush into relationships not knowing what kind of family they have married from and what kind of problems they have.

Question is: What of Tanasha?

Diamond´s current lover, Tanasha Donna

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