¨Hang pictures of me all around your office!¨ Yvette Obura places yet another demand on Bahati

Image: Yvette Obura demands recognition in Bahati´s office

It seems like Yvette Obura is here to give baby daddy, Bahati, a run for his time and money.  The baby mama stormed his offices not only to demand for a car and a house, but recognition in his office as well.

Yvette decided to drop by the singer´s office, on a random day and without any ´appointments´ because well, for her, she needs no prior notices.

However, she met Bahati´s receptionist who has no idea who she is and what she is doing there without any appointments.

Yvette Obura storms Bahati´s office, raging

This irked the mother of one so bad, she stormed in Bahati´s office, bashing the kind of welcome she received at the entrance.

A dear Bahati was chilling out, playing PS, before Yvette slammed:

Educate your receptionist because she asked me who I am.

Yvette Obura angered by the cold reception at baby daddy, Bahati´s office

Further demanding:

Or better yet, I think you should hang pictures of me all around your office for her and others like her to be aware of who I am.


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