3 main reasons why wife to man who drowned in Juja excluded herself from Eulogy & burial

Sarah Kiiru who is the wife of the late 39 year old Tirus Maina Gikonyo the man who drowned at a dam in Juja alongside his 22 year old girlfriend did not feature on his eulogy and now people are asking questions.

Well you see Sarah Kiiru had earlier shared a moving post mourning her husband Tirus Maina but after the police managed to pull the car out of the dam finding both 22 year old Faridah and 39 year old Tirus naked….this changed tune to Sarah Kiiru’s heartache hence dumping dead husband like they never had any history.

Well having learnt that she failed to attend his funeral nor have her name and the kids mentioned in the eulogy – i guess her reasons must have been that;

Not legally married

Well seeing that the government doesn’t recognize come we stay anymore – could it be the same reason she missed out on the funeral? My gut says no…but truth is her absence isn’t something we saw coming but after the car was pulled of the water, she now had a valid reason to leave.

The embarrassment

They say men will embrass you but i didn’t think this was possible if dead.

However judging from Tirus Maina’s death – we can now say men can embarass you even when in the grave and the only lady who can relate with his and has to carry the shame for the rest of her life is Sarah Kiiru whose husband’s body was found naked a few hours after his car drowned. What’s worse is that a 22 year old was found in his company and till now many can’t explain the relationship these two had…but i guess Sarah already knows.

Called it quits

As many continue to ask questions on why Sarah Kiiru did not attend husband’s funeral – i guess its fair to assume she called it quits after learning about her husband’s extra marital affairs. Clearly he seemed happier dealing with other women and not his wife….so even on his last trip on earth, she let him go alone like he always did when alive.

But again, they say love is unconditional and when exchanging vows you promise to stick through thick and thin…right? What if Sarah Kiiru just gave him a proper burial and leave it as it is….because now that she didnt – blogs and news outlets are not about to let the story die without hearing her side of story on their marriage.

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