5 impossible music collabos we’d love to see before 2019 ends

A few days ago, Octopizzo revealed that he was willing to work with nemesis Khaligraph Jones if the song would line his pockets. Although the chances of this happening are close to zero, it got me thinking about other impossible collabos that we’d love to see.

You see, the essence of doing in a collabo is to grow an artist’s fanbase. For instance, Khaligraph’s fans would get to know about Octopizzo or appreciate his music and vice versa if the two artists ever do a collabo.

There’s also the obvious fact that two or more music greats are bound to create something magical if they ever work on a song together.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nyashinki and Otile Brown – After listening to Nyashinki and Juma Jux on Incase You Don’t Know, I couldn’t help but imagine what a Nyashinki and Otile Brown collabo would sound like. We are really looking forward to the day when they’ll give us a treat.

Nyashinki and Otile Brown

2. Arrow Bwoy and Vivian – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Vivian’s smooth vocals would really blend well with Arrow Bwoy’s seductive dancehall sound. Get into studio guys!

Vivian and Arrow Bwoy

3. Sauti Sol and King Kaka – They may not see eye to eye but I’m sure you also get the feeling that a song by these great musicians would be nothing but pure bliss. You remember Sauti Sol’s collabo with Khaligraph dubbed Rewind? Think along those lines and then add King Kaka’s storytelling skills.

Sauti Sol and King Kaka

4. Nadia Mukami and Naiboi – I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between Naiboi and Nadia comes to pass, it will be the biggest song in 2019. You want to bet?

Nadia Mukami & Naiboi

5. Masauti and Steph Kapela – Nothing beats a bongo-infused rap song. Absolutely nothing. It’s for this reason that I feel Masauti should do his next collabo with one of Kenya’s best emcees – Steph Kapela. What I love about Steph Kapela is that he is versatile, he could end up singing if they ever do a collabo.

Masauti and Steph Kapela

Which are some of the collabos that you’d like to see before the year ends? Leave a comment below.

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