5 skin care products Khaligraph Jones should use to maintain his ‘rangi ya thao’ look

Image: Khaligraph

Now that Khaligraph Jones is a light-skin fella he might have to change some of the skin products he was using before. The new products will help his skin look healthier and natural when on camera – but the good things is that he has been taking a lot of water which is important for his skin as it helps open up the pores.

Anyway, I have complied a list of affordable skin care products that he might need to use for now. Though many believe that men don’t wear make up, some of these skin care products will give Khaligraph’s skin a better tone and natural look…trust me.

5. Moisturizer

This will simply help keep his skin hydrated and pores open to avoid getting rushes and unnecessary pimples that occur when the skin is exposed to dust or too much makeup. Good moisturizers can be found in supermarkets and beauty shops in town.

4. Cleanser

well since foundation is part of this list…Khaligraph might need to invest in affordable but good skin cleansers that help clean makeup well. Though water is not bad either, cleansers are better as they help clear the skin better and are gentle on the skin.

3. Foundation

I would not recommend the ones sold in town as most of them are not original. However there are a couple of good stores found in Westlands, village market and other big malls that stock in good foundation for better looking skin tone and smoother texture. Just to name a few, MAC would be perfect for the rapper as they can help solve correct his skin tone with a couple of products that will cost the fella around 10k and above….who said quality makeup is cheap? Lol

2. Primer

This is simply to help set the foundation. The primer will enable the foundation to settle in and last longer by giving it a natural look. Most are over priced but for the #OG this is just a walk in the park, right?

1. Water

Taking lots of water will obviously help the #OG maintain healthy skin and this is what he is aiming for. Whether he goes for facials or not, the number 1 recommended skin care is water but since he revealed that he is practicing this, then he is doing just fine.

I would however recommend him to aim for the ‘nude’ look since he is a guy.

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