6 Photos Why We Are Crushing On Dance Guru Judge Jo-1. She’s Absolutely Breathtaking (Photos)

Decorated dancer, Reality Show Judge, Yoga aficionado and and celebrity dance instructor Jo-1 keeps the juice coming and continues to show the world just who is the boss as far as being a sexy, agile goddess is concerned.

The Caribbean-born damsel, whose famous moves have seen her tour the world and stage some of the most spectacular dance performances, has now sizzled the internet with some of the most artsy, astounding and breathtaking photos yet.

Known for her magical agility and unbeatable flexibility, the Bermudian beauty is seen as if floating in the air, surrounded by a bunch of loose sheets, as she strikes gravity-defying poses in a style reminiscent of Egyptian dance legend Samia Gamal.

What’s important to note is that, while she did the show, Jo-1 had just given birth to her last baby and was still agile enough, limber enough and astute enough to pull off this photo shoot just fresh from the Maternity Ward.

Shot at the Alchemist during the debonair #BitesAndBarrels Festival, the images were taken by famed photography icon Migwa Nthigah and are titled “Sky Dance”.

“I loved the fact that when Migwa called me he didn’t say something like, “Are you sure you can do this since you just had a baby?” He knew I was ready and expected the same level of professionalism that had always given.” She says.

Here’s the images… And sure, Jo-1 jeeps reminding us just whose got the sauce. And it’s HER.

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