71 year old man passes on 2 hours after private meeting with 22 year old lady friend

An identified 71 year old man has allegedly kicked the bucket two hours after he checked into a lodgin with a 22 year old girl. Well it wouldn’t really take a scientist to help you figure out why the two checked into the same hotel room – so here we are now.


Well looking at some of the details shared on this story all were told is that moments after spending time together – the 22 year old girl allegedly rushed out looking for anyone to help now that her lover was complaining of sharp chest pains and short of breathe. I mean if it were you – wouldn’t you do the same?

Anyway to cut the story short – lets just say the 71 year old man’s time came while he was fully filled with joy…and just like that he exited group. However having this happen at a lodging – the police have been forced to launch an investigation just to clear out any other causes of the death – but looking at comments from fans, most are convinced it’s either the blue pill or just another stroke that caught him off guard.

Resting is for the wicked

This not being the first time were hearing of such cases – Kenyans on social media have been having a field day with the story many saying mzee alisema katambe hadi mwisho with others using this as a teaching lesson to slay queens chasing older men.

Like in this case, you can imagine the 22 year old will have to miss campus classes for a few days as she remains in custody while awaiting for medical report revealing cause of death.

But also I have to ask, why would men around that age risk a stroke by getting entangled with young girls who don’t come to play? Yaani vitu zingine sio lazima…. ie 5 minutes of pleasure costing you your life.

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