8 year old child dies in a car as mother goes to have intercourse with mpango wa kando at Mareba lodging (Photos)

A young boy in Bungoma died of vehicular heatstroke after his mother locked him in her car to go for a booty call at a nearby lodging.

Christine Nasimiyu and her lover Juby Nganga were saved by the police from an angry mob baying for blood after it was discovered that they had gone in a lodge for a romp leaving a kid in a car to die because of their carelessness.

Resident watch as Christine Nasimiyu’s car is driven to plice station

Nasimiyu left her 8 year old son Enos Simiyu in her car with three bottles of soda and went to have intercourse with Juby Nganga at Mareba lodging in Mateka Market, Bungoma County.

The irresponsible mother returned to her car hours later after quenching her sexual thirst only to discover her son had died. The car’s windows had been rolled up and its doors locked.

Residents mill around the car where 8 year old boy died

An angry crowd wanted to lynch the two lovebirds but police saved them in time before blood could be split. The randy lovers was arrested and taken to Bumula Police Station.

The boy’s body was taken to the Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.


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