Drama as Bahati throws up in the deep of Indian Ocean, vacation turns sour (Video)

Bahati and Diana Marua were off on a short vacation in Malindi, before tables turned in the deep of the Indian Ocean.

The couple who had made their trip to the Coastal hub for a Shamba project, spent several days and nights touring the place before a visit to the Indian Ocean.

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Accompanied by one of Diana’s close friends, Shicco the pair enjoyed their sunny afternoon even though Bahati had grown tired of his wife’s unreasonable demands.

The Bahatis down in Malindi

The weather started changing, a strong cold breeze blowing but he sacrificed just to see his wife happy.

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Then came the downpour amidst their boat ride to the other side of the ocean where they had scheduled to have their lunch. Either way, they held on, enjoyed some barbecue seafood before the trip back to their apartment.

The Bahatis down at Malindi

They left in their small boat only for the weather to drastically change amid deep sea, strong ocean tides that threatened the lives of those aboard and Bahati immediately reacted.

Bahati develops sea sickness in the middle of Indian Ocean deep waters

Diana manned up and consoled her sickly husband but sea sickness saw him throwing up several times and the situation became overwhelming for Marua.

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