Abel Mutua skillfully describes the process of scripting a kiss scene involving Sarah Hassan

Globally celebrated veteran thespian and film artist Abel Mutua has finally set the record straight regarding his widely publicized kiss with actress and movie director Sarah Hassan.

Mutua faced accusations from some netizens, who claimed he had abused his power as a scriptwriter to satisfy his desires. These accusations surfaced after an undated video of him discussing his time at Tahidi High resurfaced online.


Abel Mutua Responds to allegations of him forcefully kissing Sarah Hassan

In the short video, Mutua is seen recounting how Sarah had given him a hard time. When he had the chance to write the last few episodes of the beloved show, he included a kiss scene between their characters, which sparked controversy on social media.

Addressing the issue, the father of one insists that his remarks were misunderstood and taken out of context.

“That’s the fault of whoever highlighted just that part and started the rumors. They clearly didn’t watch the podcast in full or to the end.


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In that podcast, the story was about the characters Freddie, OJ, and Tanya, not about Abel Mutua, Dennis Mugo, and Sarah Hassan. The audience used to root for OJ and Tanya to be together; they didn’t want Freddie to win.

So, as a writer, I decided to ‘beat the audience’ and take the story in an unexpected direction. It was all about the characters, not real life,” Abel, who is commonly known as Mkurugenzi, clarified during a phone call with Ankali Ray.

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