Actress Black Cinderella Exposes Nairobi Diaries Producers For Hooking Up Actors With Politicians

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Maureen Imbai (Black Cinderella) has exposed the mayhem that she underwent before and during her period of acting at the popular TV Series. The actress quit the Show; owing to the fact that she had enough.

Opening up about how she got her acting role, she says that you only need to be violent enough to be accepted.

”First I showed up I was asked, what’s your name… Can you fight? I said yes because me I’m that person… Producer akasema thank you… Nikapita inerview. That was how I got a job…”

The curvy TV star also disclosed how she used to be underpaid by her producer; who claimed that the show would give her exposure to big politicians; who would offer sumptuous amounts of cash in exchange for sex.

”I have Mpesa messages where I got paid 7000 Kshs. That’s all I got. But you see on the other side, anakuambia akona exposure. Na exposure yake itakulipa ukue famous alafu ukuje upate wanaume, policitians, who will call you for sex…”

Black Cinderella also blames the producer for making her life worse; because of re-igniting her violent side. She expressed her great regret of joining the Show.

”I know myself that I regret ever going into the limelight and into a show like Nairobi Diaries.”

The curvy socialite has now advised young girls not to chase clout and be content with the little they have. No

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