Actress Star Chebet Is Back to Sharing Disturbing Confessions Online: ‘I Can Still Hear & Smell Them’ (Video)

Former “Real House-helps of Kawangware” actress Star Chebet, also known as Esther Chebet, recently left many worried after sharing a series of disturbing Instagram posts hinting at spiritual troubles.

Chebet accused one of her friends of unknowingly initiating her into what she described as a cult, later realizing she was battling something beyond ordinary understanding.


Content Creator Star Chebet opens up about mental health struggles

“I made new friends who were on a totally different path and got into things I didn’t really expect. Na sidhani itasha poa,” she confessed.

A few days later, she insisted her story was genuine and unrelated to drug abuse, as some claimed.

During an IG Live session, the actress narrated her experiences since returning to her village, claiming she could hear voices and smell various scents being thrown her way.

Chebet expressed hope that this ordeal would pass. When a follower asked about her voice change, she attributed it to the people controlling her.

These new confessions follow earlier posts where she mentioned unknowingly engaging in paranormal activities, only realizing it too late.

“I was used to open a portal on Kimugu River in Kericho and got initiated into something I didn’t expect… I didn’t know what was happening until it happened,” she wrote.

“Life is spiritual, and spirits sometimes conflict subconsciously. I’m on my way to Nakuru, and as this vehicle moves, my instincts tell me I won’t be okay…”



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