Akothee Claims She Doesn’t Miss Her Siblings At All

While whispers of a reconciliation with her siblings circulated online, Akothee recently revealed a harsh reality: their relationship is colder than ever. In a candid online confession, the Kenyan singer and philanthropist admitted to cutting off all communication with her brothers and sisters.

The tension primarily stems from a strained relationship with her sister, Cebbie Koks. Despite being prominent figures online, the two haven’t spoken in a while. Akothee declared feeling no nostalgia for their bond, stating, “Whatever happened with my family towards the end of 2022, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

She traced the rift back to a vulnerable period during a past relationship. Feeling deeply alone, she built a “big barrier” between herself and her siblings. “Maybe I was the toxic one,” she admitted, acknowledging the need for healthy boundaries even if it meant severing ties.

“I don’t miss them because I don’t miss trouble,” she stated bluntly. While they share blood and parents, “the relationship and the friendship are no longer there.” Her philosophy? “You only vibe with people who vibe with you.”

However, there’s also forgiveness. Though cautious, Akothee has forgiven her siblings while drawing firm lines. “We are not friends. We don’t vibe. The vibe is gone because I am afraid of being hurt again.”

Even public encounters are avoided. “Why do we have to greet?” she asks. “I will succumb to the trap again.” The pain she endured is too vivid to risk rekindling the connection.

Ultimately, Akothee prioritizes her own peace. Despite the complex family dynamics, she finds solace in the quietude. “I am not bothered,” she concludes, leaving a poignant testament to the importance of self-protection in navigating difficult relationships.

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