Akothee expresses the solitude of stardom

Popular Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, has shared the challenges she encounters as a celebrity.

In a recent Facebook post on Monday evening, the mother of five candidly confessed to feeling isolated, to the extent that she sought refuge in the homes of her relatives.


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“It gets so lonely being a star. Believe me, sometimes I miss taking a matatu without being watched. It has become so lonely that I moved into my sister-in-law’s and my children’s houses,” Akothee revealed in her post.

Expressing her emotional exhaustion, she added, “Sometimes I wonder why I pay fees or raise children that I did not give birth to as well. If you can still see my posts, just write Amen. I feel tired and exhausted 🙏 I DON’T NEED ANYTHING but a HUG 🙏.”

In another update, the 43-year-old artist addressed concerns regarding her charity organization, the Akothee Foundation. She lamented about certain individuals exploiting the foundation, which she solely funds along with occasional support from well-wishers.


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“Akothee Foundation has no sponsors or donors. It relies completely on the Akothee brand and Esther Akoth Kokeyo and a few well-wishers who come in now and then,” she clarified.

“Why do people use the Akothee Foundation to hurt and try to harm me? Why do people use the Akothee Foundation as a platform to communicate with me, and when things don’t go their way, they use that opportunity to hurt me?” she questioned.

Feeling emotionally drained, Akothee pondered on the intentions of those reaching out for assistance through her foundation, expressing disappointment in what she perceived as exploitation.

“My children finished school years ago, and the younger ones are well taken care of in Europe. So why is my DM full of people needing help, who later develop a sense of entitlement?” she questioned.

Considering the overwhelming emotions, Akothee hinted at the possibility of taking a break to find solace.

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