Akothee finally finds new love

Kenya’s recording artist and businesswoman, Akothee never got to enjoy love life before going into motherhood. Right from being a child, into marriage and soon after into single parenthood, despite her chain of baby daddies.

Born in Migori county and the first daughter to her parents, an adventurous Esther Akoth got kicked out of her parents’ house at a tender age after falling pregnant for her then teenage boyfriend, Jared who is the father of her three girls.

Akothee´s first lover and baby daddy, Jakwath Jared Okwello with his daughter, Vesha

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It since became her new normal, thereafter birthing 2 boys from different fathers, but still remains a single mom. After years of looking to settle, a 40-year old Akothee has finally met the man who befits her heart.

Akothee finds love

Publicly breaking the news to her mom, the madam boss cried out that it is time her mother understood her situation and tried welcoming the men she meets, warmly into her home because she just doesn’t know how Akothee has been suffering being single.

Today I want to break some news to my mom ,that I have finally met someone that I think fits my heart ????????????????????, but I know she will kwenda me ! 

Akothee with her parents

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For her, she was not about to retire and welcome grandkids before she enjoys a love life, which she never had.

From a child to a mother straight to grandma????????????????????,
????Do you know I skipped some stage ,which is really disturbing me now ????????.

Single mother of 5, Akothee

Begging all who cared to listen to plead on her behalf to her mom, that she is about to bring a man home and she is not ready to see her mum grow cold towards her new man.

Someone to tell my mum ,she doesn’t know the cold that comes with being single , I know her very well, If I don’t groom her now ,she will embarrass me on the day of introduction ????????, my mom gets on my nerves every time she spots me with a man ?

Closing off; “My family is eager to know this Mr wrong I am dragging to the right ????????????.”

We can only bid our time and watch it unfold.

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